Who Dat?

July 20, 2010

Robert Forto

Who DAT? NLP in Canine Training

By Robert Forto, PhD

Many times I am asked at my training school, Denver Dog Works, are you a coach or a trainer? I tell them that I am more of a coach. I work with clients and their dogs in a way that is like no other canine training center in the country. I employ a technique called Neuro-Linguistics or NLP. By using this cutting edge way of training it allows my clients to achieve their goals much quicker. Whether that be basic obedience for their new puppy or competing in a sport such as competition obedience or skijoring. You see, NLP is all about taking charge of your thinking– finding out about your own thinking patterns and noticing when they become barriers to your success. When you know how you are blocking your own success, you can use your new insights to start to make changes. As most of you know, canine behavior problems often have a root cause of the owner doing (or not doing) something. Whether it be allowing your pup to jump on your friends when they come over or in competition obedience not getting that change of pace just right.

Taking charge is not just about taking charge of your thinking; NLP gives you the chance to take charge of your life. The notion is a revelation to many people when they think about canine training, especially canine sports. The days of dog training at your local big-box store for canine sports are long gone. People increasingly experience not all canine trainers are created equal and many trainers at the local pet department store is just not equipped to train you and your dog to reach your full potential.

Think about it. What if you could learn how to work in harmony with your dog and each of you work in perfect tandem together. Whether it be a simple sit when you meet and greet a stranger or that absolutely fluid movement you have seen the champions do in the obedience ring? Do you want that? Yes, you do!

By incorporating NLP into your training routine it will give you a clear sign that you can be the best and your dog will be one of the best trained dogs in the world. It will take some time to notice that you are putting up obstacles for yourself (and your dog) thats where I can help. But as soon as you are aware of how you are thinking, you are on the road to change and on the road to that championship you have always dreamed of.

Now is the time to take charge of your canine training and destiny. NLP, partnered with canine training, gives you all the help you need.

If you would like to schedule a consult with me on how we can coach you to peak performance, give us a call at 303-578-9881.


Dr. Robert Forto is the training director for Dog Works Training Centers and is the host of a weekly radio program, The Dog Doctor Radio Show which can be heard every Saturday at 9:30 am in the Rocky Mountain West  or downloaded any time. Dr. Forto can be reached through his website at http://www.denverdogworks.com

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Robert Forto is the owner of Dog Works Training Company in Alaska, a canine behaviorist, mushin' down a dream, sports nut and radio show host. Robert writes a lot about his observations in Alaska, pop culture, music, and of course dogs!

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