More Than a Trainer…A Career

More than a Dog Trainer…A Career

By Robert Forto, PhD


A lot is said about culture in business. I have been working on the culture of Denver Dog Works our brand new Alaska Dog Works and our affiliate businesses and we have come up with some great processes that are changing not only how we run our business but how our customers and clients perceive it as well.

Dog Works Training Centers Canine Career Course

According to many business experts culture is described as: “Individual brands make up the internal and external experience – or culture brand. Understanding your culture brand is critical to your success. What do you see happening that deserves discussion and what do you need? What are you doing to shape and communicate your real and changing culture.” This is critical to our success and yours if you own and operate your own business.


More than a Dog Trainer…A Career


Dog Works Training Centers provides its students with more than an education in canine training; our students are offered the knowledge, skills and culture provided for professional dog trainers to become successful business owners. The broad scope of Dog Works Training Centers’ courses immediately prepares the student to begin a full time or part time career training dogs upon completion of the course.


Those interested individuals come to our school from throughout the United States and come from all walks of life; including recent high school graduates, health care workers, police officers, graduate students, sales people, artists, teachers and more. No matter what their background and where they are from, they all have one common goal—to become the best dog trainers in the world and have a fulfilling career and/or business they enjoy.


Professional canine training is a profitable and very rewarding occupation as a main career or as a supplemental income. Our courses specialize in teaching the students obedience training, canine psychology and behavior, kennel design, nutrition, canine first aid and CPR, drive theory, canine sports, breeding, canine health, medications and vaccinations, client relations, business development, dog law, marketing your dog training business, ethics in dog training, and much more. We also offer apprenticeship programs in service dogs, protection training, canine sports, working dogs and kennel management as well as valuable insight into establishing a successful small business practice.


Over 80 percent take our 12-week canine obedience instructor/trainer course; however if you are unable to attend our school or cannot dedicate the time to become a full-time student, you can begin you career by taking our correspondence course and complete the remainder of the canine obedience instructor/trainer course at a later date. We do recommend taking the 12-week course if you intend to make dog training a full-time career and especially if you plan to open a dog training school of your own.


Upon completion of our courses, our graduates may pursue a multitude of options in the field of canine training and behavior. While most graduates establish their own full time or part time businesses, others work with established training centers, veterinary offices or boarding/day care facilities. Dog Works Training Centers also offers graduates upon successful completion of the coursework a contract trainer position.


As a contract trainer you can become immersed in the culture of our business, Denver Dog Works. Denver Dog Works is involved in everything canine. We are a sled dog racing kennel with sights on the Iditarod in 2013, a service dog training school to provide canines for children with autism, executive protection training for high-end personal protection dogs, and of course obedience and behavior problems taught by some of the foremost canine experts in the field.


Our History


Dog Works Training Centers is the result of several endeavors. Dr. Forto developed and taught the first canine sciences course as a vocational certificate program to a service dog training program while he completed his doctorate dissertation in human-canine communication. This course formed the basis for Dr. Forto’s curriculum training dog trainers and obedience instructors around North America.


Dr. Forto continued to offer the Canine Sciences courses to meet the needs of his expanding dog training school which soon relocated from Minnesota to Colorado and became known as Denver Dog Works.


In 2006 with the opening of Denver Dog Works at 1842 S. Parker Rd. #16 in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Forto consolidated his training programs and dog trainer courses to one full-time location with several other “Dog Works” locations planned for the future. As his reputation grew from being a professional dog musher and as a certified canine behaviorist, Dr. Forto repeatedly receives requests from trainers wanting to learn more about canine aggression and other aspects of training that is quite a bit different than what they were taught as canine trainers—many of them professionals who want to incorporate science into their dog training classes, private training businesses and club programs.


Our Philosophy


Dog Works Training Centers was founded to educate those who have a genuine interest and concern for dogs and to help establish a life-long bond with their owners in a balanced, natural approach. In addition, Dog Works Training Centers prepares individuals for successful careers in canine instruction and behavior modification. Our experienced instructors instill their high standards of dog training skills and knowledge, as well as business cumin in developing an atmosphere to enhance these relationships with the students that is like family, not a college classroom with 30 students and an instructor at a lectern. All subject matter offered, both in the classroom and in practical application, is conducive to success of our graduates.


Dog Works Training Centers is dedicated in advance the field of canine training, sports and working dogs, and the profession of dog training. We encourage all of our potential students to approach dog training as you would any educational endeavor. Our courses are college-level material and based on nineteen years experience literally living with, and working around dogs every day. If you start by having pre-conceived notions about canine training from what you see on television or read in books, there is a possibility that you will not be able to broaden your knowledge base.


At Dog Works Training Centers we believe that effective communication is the key to improving and enhancing the relationship between dogs and people. We also believe that the education of each dog owner must be approached on an individual basis and not in a cookie-cutter-one-size-fits-all fashion. Each dog’s training should be based on the drive and temperament of the dog and this can only be achieved after a complete understanding of canine behavior and an initial evaluation. In our courses we address the varied approaches and methods to training dogs, which allows our graduates to have the ability to modify their approach based on the dog and the problem not the cost of the class or the availability.


At Dog Works Training Centers we have the best and train the rest. This applies to both people and dogs. We have spent our lives working with dogs and educating owners. Training people who are interested in becoming the best dog trainers in the world is our primary goal.


If you are interested in a career in canine training or have ever dreamed of working with dogs every day. This is your calling! Give us a call anytime at 303-578-9881 (907-495-9109 in Alaska) or contact us through our website at


Dr. Robert Forto is the training director for Denver Dog Works in Colorado and Alaska. Dr. Forto hosts a weekly radio program, The Dog Doctor Radio Show every Saturday. Dr. Forto can be reached through his website at


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