As Seen on TV Gift Extravaganza: Day 12 Gift: Smart Money Clip

Hey Guys and Gals, its that time of year again– The glorious over-exuberant, hyper-manic Christmas shopping season! If you are like me and love to lavish our loved ones, friends, and family with gifts and hate going to the mall to fight the traffic….

Hey wait a minute, now that I am living in the middle of no-where in the Great State of Alaska, the Mall of America, one of my favorite hang outs by the way, is over 4000 miles away, I will be forced to procure gifts by alternate means.

I have been known to order some crazy things in the middle of the night from 1-800 numbers and a guy named Billy on TV, so much so that my wife has hid my wallet on occasion.

[ Rewind: Gifts that NOBODY wants! ]

But this year, I am going to showcase some of the greatest gifts known to exist for sale at 2 am. Yes, my rabid reader, I am going to give you the gift ideas of all gift ideas. So sit back and relax, find those credit cards you stowed away during the Great Recession and warm up your touch-tone (or maybe even rotary dial) phone and order away.

I bring you 25 Days of AS SEEN ON TV GIFT EXTRAVAGANZA!!

Day 12 Gift: Smart Money Clip Deluxe

As Seen on TV Gift Extravaganza: Smart Money Clip


With all the money and ease of shopping that I will have this holiday season I will have to pick up one of these Smart Money Deluxe’s for myself as well as many of that special someone’s on my gift list.

The Smart Money Deluxe is the perfect gift! It is the gift that WILL be used all year and not stowed away in a drawer or re-gifted to someone else. It is made of ultra-sleek stainless steel and can hold all all of the credit cards and up to 30 bills for that big spender in your life.

Who wouldn’t want to flash their cash with something as cool as the Smart Money Clip Deluxe? Why hide your wealth in your bill-fold, fold-over or crumbled up in your pocket when you can show them that you really care by giving them the Smart Money Clip Deluxe for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or even Festivus.

Available today for $19.95 (plus shipping and handling, sorry NO C.O.D.’s) I have also seen this gift at the local 7-11 convenience stores around Denver.

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Day 12 Gift: Smart Money Clip Deluxe

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