Recipe Rants: A Well Stocked Bar

January 10, 2011

Recipe Rants

When I decided to start my new Recipe Rants category I quickly found out that I do not have most if not all of the ingredients that is needed to make a lot of the recipes. I will be the first to tell you that when I go shopping I never take an inventory of the items I have at home and end up buying things many times. I once had 6 bottles of vanilla because of my shopping habits.

I have searched the Internet and have found a few great sources for what you should have in your kitchen.

Today is A Well Stocked Bar

What would a bunch of great recipes be without a well stocked bar?


  • Bourbon: used in Manhattans and old fashioned cocktails
  • Gin: for gin and tonics, Tom Collins, and of course, the original martini
  • Rum: stock both light and dark. Use in piña coladas, mai tais, daiquiris
  • Scotch: for drinking on the rocks, or mixing in Rob Roys (Scotch Manhattans)
  • Single Malt Scotch: for sipping neat (without ice). There are many to try, with smoky, peaty, and caramel overtones. Experiment as your budget will allow.
  • Tequila: for margaritas and tequila sunrises. Premium brands of aged tequila are good for sipping.
  • Vodka: buy the 1.5-liter bottle; this is a versatile spirit. Use in vodka martinis, vodka Collins, sea breeze, Cape Cod, vodka & tonic, White Russians, screwdrivers, etc.
  • Whiskey: enjoyed on the rocks or in whiskey sours and hot toddys
  • Sweet Vermouth: essential for Manhattans
  • Dry Vermouth: essential for martinis
  • Triple Sec or Cointreau: this orange liqueur is added to many cocktails, from margaritas to hurricanes to Long Island iced tea.
  • Liqueur: With so many to choose from, this is an area where you can let your personal taste be your guide. You may want to buy liqueurs that you enjoy drinking and for cooking: Cointreau, Kahlua, and peppermint schnapps are delicious in chocolate desserts.
  • Brandy or Cognac: generally enjoyed on its own.
  • Port: this sweet fortified wine is generally served as a dessert wine.
  • Sherry: dry sherry can be used in cooking or as an aperitif, while cream sherries are enjoyed as an after-dinner digestif.
  • Beer: beer does have a shelf-life; if you don’t drink it yourself, only buy it when you’re having guests.
  • Wine: you needn’t be a collector to keep an assortment of wine on hand. Store a bottle or two of white wine in your refrigerator for impromptu guests.

If you have a favorite recipe that you would like to share please contact me at

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  1. Michele Forto Says:

    I think we are lacking in our Bar!


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