Power Juicer Rocks!

February 11, 2011

Daily Post, Recipe Rants

After watching a movie on Netflix called The Beautiful Truth and hem-hawing about it for a long time I decided that I should try something new for my diet. It was about time I start eating a bit better I thought.

So I asked Michele if she could order me a juicer from Amazon.com

In about a week my Jack LaLanne Power Juicer arrived at my P.O. Box.

I figure if that guy can live into his 90s drinking this stuff it is worth a shot…

I made my first drink today and I will have to say it tasted GREAT!

2 Large Carrots

2 Red Apples, cored

[add an inch of fresh Ginger for added flavor]

Makes about 16 oz.

Never peel the vegetables as it removes a lot of the nutrients. Wash them if you wish.

It did not taste as I expected. It tasted very sweet with a hint of carrot flavor but it was smooth and very good!

The hard part is cleaning the juicer. It took much longer to clean up than it did to enjoy the drink itself.

While the juicer does come with a cleaning brush and a tool to take out the [very sharp] blade it is a bit of a chore to get all of the refuse cleaned up.

Carrot-Apple-Ginger Juice

This Carrot-Apple Juice Combo is the staple to any juice diet system and is said to help the body fight off many illnesses and according to the research can even help fight off cancer.

Your thoughts?


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Robert Forto is a musher training for his first Iditarod under the Team Ineka banner and the host of the popular radio shows, Mush! You Huskies and Dog Works Radio Shows


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