Pacific Northwest Road Trip Part 5

February 12, 2011

Daily Post, Robert Forto

On Monday morning we got an early start to head back to Portland. It would be our last day together for Michele and I for at least six weeks and we wanted to spend as much time as we could together.

We had decided on Thursday that we would head for pizza for lunch today and hopped one of my old college hang outs was still around.

Hot Lips Pizza--Portland, OR

We found Hot Lips Pizza in N.W. Portland and grabbed a slice. It was cool that they were still serving some of the best pizza I have ever had (I could eat pizza every day, you know) and I told Michele a story about the Hot Lips I used to go to in college were you grabbed a slice and stood at a counter by the window to munch it down.

We headed to the post office to mail a couple boxes home. I always send back stuff in the mail so I don’t have to carry it on the plane and then headed up to the Japanese Gardens.

The Japanese Garden tour was one of the highlights of the trip and something that we had planned to visit. Even in the dead of winter in a rain storm (of course) it was absolutely beautiful!

We checked out Pioneer Center mall downtown to kill some time before heading to the airport.

Our weekend was quickly coming to an end and you could sense by both our behaviors as we sat in the food court at the airport that we didn’t want it to end so quickly.

Wow, what a love story…

At six Michele headed to her gate and we texted each other until she boarded her flight. I had a six hour wait for my flight back to Anchorage on ANOTHER red-eye.

She texted me: Just landed 🙂 with me sitting at my gate with three hours to go before my flight…

Even though I miss My Michele already, I am reminded why we are doing this. I am chasing a dream and setting up a home for us in Alaska.

I am looking forward to running dogs on Tuesday or Wednesday and trading my shorts and T-shirts that I wore this weekend for my parka, bibs and Neos!

It was a great weekend! I am so glad that Michele and I took the time to do this. No matter what it cost it was worth every penny…


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Robert Forto is a musher training for his first Iditarod under the Team Ineka banner and the host of the popular radio shows, Mush! You Huskies and Dog Works Radio Shows

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Robert Forto is the owner of Dog Works Training Company in Alaska, a canine behaviorist, mushin' down a dream, sports nut and radio show host. Robert writes a lot about his observations in Alaska, pop culture, music, and of course dogs!

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One Comment on “Pacific Northwest Road Trip Part 5”

  1. Michele Forto Says:

    I miss u too much too! Luv ya!


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