Ten Hundred Badge on Foursquare

July 12, 2011

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Foursquare (social networking)

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If you are a Foursquare nerd like me you may have already earned the new Ten Hundred badge released at the beginning July.

If you haven’t you may have a way to go before you can.

To unlock you just have to have 1000 check in’s. Thats not hard, really…

It should take you about 3 months unless you are a couch potato, a recluse or worse yet,

An Agoraphobic

Text for Ten Hundred Badge:

Over 1000 check-ins!? Thank you 1000 times over! Treat yourself to 40% off some cool shirts at foursquarestore.com (use the code 4SQ40-E606D-08D5C). We’d give you 1000% off, but that don’t make no sense! It’s a super tiny gesture of our immense appreciation

Let’s be friends on Foursquare!

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