You Got a Christmas Puppy, Now What?

December 26, 2011

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You got a Christmas puppy. Now what?

Training your dog for the Holidays

The packages tied with ribbon and bows, the tinsel and stockings, and the roast beast are all but a faint memory.  The sweet little bundle of joy that was nestled beneath the tree Christmas morning is by now a barking menacing terror!

What to do?  Surely we cannot allow Max to become unruly.

Start by making a list of behaviors that you would like Max to learn, and then do some research about dog training and search for a reputable local dog trainer with experience in puppies and assistance in helping you reach your goals with your new dog.

I have been a dog trainer for more than a decade, and I never recommend getting a puppy as a gift, but we are now dealing with the menacing terror that is unexpectedly full of energy just two days after the blissful morning.

Training begins immediately and should be adjusted to the puppy’s age for proper retention.  Think of it like this; would you ask your toddler to solve an algebra problem? No you wouldn’t, so don’t expect Max to understand the leash that he is now attached too.

A good trainer will have the skills and knowledge to help you train your developing puppy so he learns skills properly and can advanced those skills as he ages.  Did you get a puppy that is a working breed?  Would you like to learn how to train your puppy to do what he was bred to for?  Keep these questions in mind when you are doing your research and interviewing trainers.

Some trainers offer board and train programs; this where you give your puppy to the trainer for a period of several weeks and they return your puppy to you trained.  Hopefully they have designed a well-rounded training program that includes; socialization, crate and potty training, age appropriate obedience training and manners.  I do not allow any puppy or dog for that matter, to enter my board and train program unless you have had that puppy or dog for 30 days.  This is to ensure bonding between you and your new puppy or dog.  When I am contacted by new puppy or dog owners I ask them how long they have had their dog and then I build them a training program based on several factors.

No one wants to be a Grinch on Christmas, so you gave in and bought that sweet puppy in the window for Christmas morning, you’ve got work to do!

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2 Comments on “You Got a Christmas Puppy, Now What?”

  1. RumpyDog! Says:

    Great post! I bet there’s lots of people that need to read this today.



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