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As Seen on TV Gift Extravaganza: Day 13 Gift: Forearm Forklift

December 13, 2010


Hey Guys and Gals, its that time of year again– The glorious over-exuberant, hyper-manic Christmas shopping season! If you are like me and love to lavish our loved ones, friends, and family with gifts and hate going to the mall to fight the traffic…. Hey wait a minute, now that I am living in the […]

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Evicted: Pets and the foreclosure crisis

October 20, 2010


Evicted: Pets and the Foreclosure Crisis This article was original published on my blog for my dog training business, Denver Dog Works and a version was published in the Your Hub section of the Rocky Mountain News/Denver Post and a few other outlets picked it up over the months. I wanted to include it on […]

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