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Iditarod 40: Never too old to run sled dogs

March 8, 2012


Even the old dogs can teach a thing or two to the pups. No, I am not talking about sled dogs here. I am talking about the mushers. 71 year old Jim Lanier just won the GCI Dorothy Page Halfway Award for being the first musher to run into the checkpoint of Cripple. Lanier, running […]

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Is it Sacrilege for Men to Wear Uggs?

February 23, 2012


Yep, I am a full grown man and while I have owned a pair or two of Uggs in my lifetime, I am not afraid to sport them around town. Heck, if Tom Brady (New England Patriots quarterback) can be their spokesman I guess its okay, right? In fact I found something WAY cooler than […]

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Team Ineka at the Sled Dog Stampede

February 6, 2012


On Sunday, Team Ineka’s Robert and Tyler Forto took part in the sled dog stampede at the Willow Winter Carnival in Alaska. We had so much fun! (Well, after about 12 guys, a couple shovels helped get our dog truck un-stuck) The Stampede goes a little something like this: A team of two mushers and […]

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